kebabish, thrill of the grill, newcastle

4 01 2009

I WANNA CHEEEKEN. aWHOLE one. £ 3.99 a pop and that shit is amazing. full baby chicken chopped up and grilled up. the kebab is one of the finest youll find in newcastle. i dont lie to you, my friend. meat is grilled up. naan cooked in front of ya. mad salad. mad sauce. come in tin foil. HUGE. legit. when we were in on the annual  christmas eve eve chicken night we watched an awesome asian mtv video. bloke in a george bush mask with a huge paper mache hand?



3 responses

5 01 2009
Meccy Jeccy

my bird lives right near there i hit it up now and again its good shit!!

16 01 2009

were is thie dainty astablishment placed?

21 01 2009

west road my friend, just up from the ghettoist dixy chicken in the north east. shit gets real in there, may i recomend the whole baby cheeeekin from kaebabish, then go to dixy and drop the 2 peice cheeeekin for the wait.

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