MikkyD X6

10 05 2009


A typical Sunday has to contain junk food/pop/sweets. Mainly to combat any hangover but also to celebrate jesus. To fulfill todays quota i dropped one of my child hood fantasies. Ladies and Gentlemen the Mikky D’s double cheeseburger x 3. Thats right 6 meat patties, tripal gherkins and triple cheeese. Buy 3 dbl Cheeses, lose the bread from 2 and combine into the 6ixer. The math. £1.29 x 3= £3.87. 440 calories x 3= 1320. Shit got Pounded!!

Although this math doesnt seem right. I need to research more. Can I demand 6 patties in one burger stock from the cashier? Cheeseburger 99p, dbl cheeseburger 1.29. Ergo thus making a patty of meat 20p. So will they give me an x6 patty for £2.09????  Surely they must??? I doubt it some how. can i have the Neopolitan milkshake? another fantasy. Obsessed with the secret menu? I need to find someone who works there.


My other food fantasy was eating 2 calzones from the same plate. which was done long ago at the anglo pizza bogof offer. live the dream.




3 responses

11 05 2009

got there befor I did, had a 4 buy one get on free buger king coupons, 8 stack whopper was the charge that they gave me

16 05 2009
Mexican John

good shits, gives you some serious heart attack but that tastes good.

Have you been to Baba grill takeaway on the west road? best in town i’d say!

16 05 2009

baba grill you say…………

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