9 06 2009

were slackin, but things are coming soon, in the mean time check out jnrspesh, theyre back on their grind after a dead patch, with ex pat geordie boomnoise takin our map idea and running with it. cop them chikens  son.

check out chopasauras too, for some american poundage

As carmine so eliquently points out TESCOS IS SHIT. living gateshead however its the only supermarche, and occasionally im forced to go there, it has few good points, one being its open 24 hours and the other being they massivly over order every week resulting in alot of food being reduced by 50, 60 sometimes even 80%. this is a double edged sword, the 9 person feeding stuffed turkey reduced to 3 quid sits well in the freezer but the fresh fruit does not. Tescos seem to have an ability to pick fruit and veg that goes off as soon as it gets out their doors, half the time its rotten on the shelves. so what do you do with this shit? you make bread.


narnaas. rotten? mash em.


mashed narnaas. choc. smash it


smashed choc.

narnas smashed choclat smashed.



now youve mixed up the narnaas and the choc-o-late you need combine it with another concoction but first whisk in some fuckin eeehgs, 2 eggs to be precise.

then drop in some vanilla extract. most recipies will tell you a tea spoon but I like to put in a third of the bottle. pound it.

in another bowl mix up 250g of self raising flour with 150g of caster sugar, 100g of buttaz. shove in a spoon of baking powder and salt.

mix that shit with your greasey paws till it looks like bread crumbs.

me grandad use to tell me that cook was the only man on his submarine with clean hands, not because he got extra water to wash, but cause the dirt came off when he needed the dough, so dont worry about washing you hands first, if 85 years and a dozen type 7 U boats cant kill him your dutty hands arnt going to do much damage.


combine the two and mix that shit till it looks smoother than r kelly.

oven should be preheated to between 150-180.


pour dat.


cook dat.

loaf pound dat, WOT.

ps. never go to barn asia. charlie cant surf? the fucker cant cook neither



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27 08 2009
27 08 2009

thought this might be of interest to you:

22 09 2009
Mexican John

is Barn Asia cack like? everyone i’ve spoken to raves on aboot it

22 09 2009

mabye can’t cook was a bit overreaction, but i had high rxpectations but it’s more expensive than the legit places like the one in the bigg Market and the one by the life center and it’s been talked about in national media as one of the top ten modern asain restaraunts in the country. It didn’t taste any different to the Thai green from db social. Personally if I’m paying for a meal I don’t want to feel like I could have cooked exactly the same thing at home for cheaper. If your on the lash or getting it on expense it would be ok. It felt more like a bar with food as an afterthought.

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