Once upon a time in mexico……..

18 09 2009

Been searching for a good burrito in the UK ever since hitting some amazing takeaways in LA 4 or 5 years ago.After a tiring ride around London city ricky took me to a place called Chilangos. Although it wasn’t as good as LA it was the best burrito I’ve ever seen/consumed in the UK (not many).

The man himself enjoying a steak filled burrito:

The beast is big.

The place is basically a subway but serves burritos instead.

Anyway, after arriving home to sunny Wales I couldn’t keep my mind away from the satisfactory feeling of being full of burrito. Since the best Mexican restaurant in Swansea is chiquitos (which is utter dog shit) I had to go home made. After a lengthy search of the local super markets for some avocados that weren’t as hard as boulders I was set.

Ultimate burrito coming soon! along with some other mexican delights aswell as I now have more salsa and guacamole than Ricky Martin.



2 responses

18 09 2009

Fuck me, He pounds that shit !

18 09 2009

Put the hard adacavo ontop of a bunch of bannas. Speeds up the ripening process

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