14 10 2009

Is there anything a geordie likes better than a pasty? how about a discount pasty?


located at the edge of the best end, just befor the aryian newsagents, the greggs discount shop is worth the short trip out of town. want 4 cold steak pastys even though ones enough to fill you? yours for a quid. still room for a donut? no? how about 3 for 35 pence (jam filled) or 5 for 50p (ring). now your talking

soviet baker

no bullshit overpriced pop, bagguets or sandwiches, just everyone of yesterdays baked goods from the tyne and wear metripolitain area. 4 packs of pastys, 8 packs of the mega stotties for a quid, the shops got it all.  Its even been designed with a nod towards scandinavian minimalism/soviet era starkness for all you nathan barley types.

id buy that for a dolla

The most enjoyable part of your trip to the bargin bakers is seeing the rush for the last of the stotties between the locals, or the long suffering counter girls trying to explain to 90 year old indian men that they cant haggle for stale chicken slices.

Im proud to say this is the only greggs that is fully pound that shit approved. Get at it.



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