8 05 2009

Absolutly gutted, winds been kicking up all day so the table suspeneded by the crain has been called off. got a full refund tho so im off to spend the 70 quid on cereal.

holla at  Dallas Penn.


High Society

2 04 2009

the eat festival is rearing is bloated, crumb adorned head for another year, while I want to hate anything culture10 and “NewcastleGateshead” endorsed, the previous incarnations have resulted in 2 thumbs up (both thumbs on one hand) for the free scran opportunities. this year seems no different although if you want the pick of the bunch you gots to drop some scrilla.

I booked tickets for this thinking it was in the get carter restaurant, turns out I didn’t read it right. your eating at the same hight as the restaurant on a dining table SUSPENDED BY A CRANE

I recommend not walking round gateshead tescos on the evening of 8th of may. I always need a shit halfway through my dinner.