chicken tetrazini??

16 03 2010

slice harvester

16 03 2010

possibly one of the best things I’ve ever come across on the internet………….

Some dude attempting to eat a slice in every pizza joint in NYC! hes even done grandpas, in inwood which I had the pleasure of eating about 6 times in the space of 10 days

this place was amazing. the pizza probably wasn’t the best in new york, but it shat on any takeout you can get over here. we got 2 calzones, chicken wings, a 40 of sprite and stock margarita for about 6 quid. the pizza is only half the charm tho, Inwood is right at the top of Manhatten, some weird mix of project housing and city workers, jakeys selling hookey dvds and jewellery set out on towels at the side of the cross roads at the edge of the block, hispanic and black kids on the stoop all day, hot 97 coming out of every car and shop. through a youth spent listening to public enemy, wu tang and  nas,  watching kids, goodfellas, the warriors and wildstyle, new york had become a mythical city, every detail is loaded with borrowed memories, connotations from music and films, making something as mundane as buying some scran and getting a oversized bottle of pop from a bodega an unforgettable experience.


8 05 2009

Absolutly gutted, winds been kicking up all day so the table suspeneded by the crain has been called off. got a full refund tho so im off to spend the 70 quid on cereal.

holla at  Dallas Penn.

Chicken: Low art, High calorie

20 04 2009

The Creative review. bastion of cutting edge design. surely ill be able to find something worth ripping off to flesh out my pathetic looking work file due to be handed in in less than 2 weeks to mark the end of and decide my higher education. nothing? how about some fried chicken instead?

Chicken:Low art, High calorie

“Graphic designer Siâron Hughes was first drawn to the visual world of fried chicken after a flier was pushed through her door bearing the enticing words “Dunk Your Dipper”. Intrigued, she started documenting and talking to the owners of fried chicken shops all over London and, eventually, in the US.

“At first sight, much of this signage appears the same, but there are differences, subtle as they may be,” she says. This is the real appeal of chicken shop signage.”

What makes her book stand out from other “vernacular type” showcases is her evident interest in the people who run the shops and those involved in producing the graphics for menus, signs and so on. The book is packed with interviews and photographs from the shops, some of which are amusing, others quite touching in their revelation of the sometimes dangerous profession of being a purveyor of fried poultry to the (often drunk) masses.”

if you head over to the CR site theres a excerpt from the book where she interveiws “mr chicken”

“Siâron: Yeah, your nickname is Mr Chicken, which is why I got hold of you. Quite a few different chicken and kebab shop owners referred to you by it!

Morris: (laughing) All of these in your book, I did.

Siâron: In London, how much of the signage would you say you’re responsible for?

Morris: I would say 90% of the logos that’s been used out there now, was originally designed by ourselves. People see them and try to change them around a little bit, and you will see somewhere along the line somebody will have something looking similar to that. It’s not all about the bits and pieces that goes with it, they will automatically try to copy it.”

90%! all city! cop the book

white castle fries only come in one size

16 04 2009

the black bish avoiding a red bull viral marketing campaign

the black bish knows how to eat, would a shit bag be an unfair advantage in a eating contest? switch to a bigger bag and you can you pound more?

bish's jizzy scran

bish loves scran so much when he saw his pub lunch he jizzed!

and he still ate that shit! holla

regardless hes got the knowledge when it comes to the best eating joints in town, here he is with teddy from hangtime searching for the ultimate lil’ sumthin sumthin, the white castle burger. I cant belive ive been to america four times and never hit the joint.

edit: just checked out the blog stats to see how people were coming onto this

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