4 11 2008

“sonia thomas, using a chipmunk technique revolutionized by her”

46 in ten minutes, no wonder they call her the black widow

wookey hole big eat was the first official competitive eating contest to be held in the UK under the jurisdiction and strict regulations of the United States of America’s governing body of professional Stuffing Your Face, IFOCE (The International Federation of Competitive Eating) back in 2006

at last years event the winner only managed 36 or 26 pies depending on who you ask, and second place a very achievable 15, I fancy our chances despite fucking hating mince pies. its beng held in wookey hole caves, somerset on tuesday the 18th of november, thats about 3 weeks of preparation to take the thousand quid! get the entry form here

im off to bread point to get some preparitory pastrys